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NBA All-Star Game: Kyrie Irving Wins MVP as East Beats West 163-155

NBA All-Star Game: One day out of the season the best in the NBA step on to the court focused not on winning, but having fun and giving the fans a show.



That’s not to say that anyone wants to lose or likes doing; not at all. These guys want to win, but they know the All-Star game is an exhibition game, and exhibition games are all about the show. Sunday night that is exactly what the fans got in a record setting game.

With any semblance of defense being non-existent the offensive prowess of each and every superstar was on display Blake Griffin dunked, LeBron James showed that he would win the dunk contest if he ever entered, Carmelo Anthony was deadly from behind the arc–the accolades could go on and on.

In the end the East came out on top 163-155 after being down by as many as 18 at one point. Kyrie Irving led all scorers for the East Team with 31 points along with 14 assists, and was awarded the MVP for his efforts.

”We wanted this win,” LeBron James said. ”They beat us the last three years and they had a lot of bragging rights, so to be able to come through being down 18 was huge.”

Had the West pulled this one out it would have been tough to pick an MVP. Blake Griffin made a record 19 baskets and tied Kevin Durant for the team lead with 38 points (there combined total of 76 set a record for duos in an All-Star game). Between the two Griffin would have likely been the better choice, but than there was Carmelo Anthony with a record setting eight three-pointers on the night.

A number of team records were broken as well. The two-team total of 318 points beat the old mark that was over a quarter century old. The East set the new single team mark with 163 points and 70 baskets; the West set a new three point mark with 16. Coaches across the league were probably watching and wishing their player would share the ball as much as they did in the All-Star game, A record 88 assists were recorded.


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