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USA vs. Russia Hockey: Russian Officials Furious Over Disallowed Goal

USA vs. Russia Hockey: All over the United States hockey fans are toasting T.J. Oshie for winning the shootout, but in Russia the tale is a bit different.



With the game tied at 2-2, Russia appeared to take the lead with less than five minutes to go when Fyodor Tyutin appeared to score on American goalie Jonathan Quick. However, the goal was waved off by referees Brad Meier and Marcus Vinnerborg. The net had become dislodged and under international rules anytime a goal is scored on a net that has been moved it is invalid.

Even though the net had been moved the Russians cried foul and blamed the call on Meier who happened to be American (via AFP):

“The referee made a mistake,” said Russian coach Zinetula Bilyaletdinov following the Russians 3-2 loss to the Americans in a preliminary round contest.

“Of course, it would have been more effective to have a different judge.”

Bilyaletdinov would not say that it would have been better had completely neutral referees had been chosen to work the game, but that they had no say in the matter and had to accept it as it was.  He also went on to say that the truth would come out when the right officials reviewed the play–and they already have:

“The IIHF referee supervisor Konstantin Komissarov confirmed that the ruling made by referees Brad Meier and Markus Vinnerborg was the correct call and that the proper procedure had been followed with regards to the video review.”

As controversial as the call maybe the great thing is that it occurred in a game during the preliminary round of play. Depending on how things work out there is a chance that the two could meet again–and wouldn’t that be epic?



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  • apostasyusa

    This was totally unfair and I can see how this would make the Russians call foul. Clearly it is time to change the rules. I have seen this in the NHL too.

    The rules should be changes to allow this type of goal. The scoring team did not touch the net. The net has to be the responsibility of the goal tender, if he or she kicks it off and puck goes by, that’s a goal. Or, if they don’t want to award the goal, the booth review needs to include going back to when the net was knocked out, and penalizing the goal tender for delay of game if it is found that they alone or the goalies team did it.