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What is Viditure™ ?



What is Viditure?

Viditure? You are probably asking yourself what Viditure  is and simply put Viditure™ is only the fusion of video and signature . Yes video signature ! As its name implies we will soon be signing on video without having to be physically present to scribble our names or some sort of abstract form of it on paper with the help of Viditure™. Basically making a selfie-video of ourselves agreeing to the terms and conditions of a document.

Viditure™  is a tool that will enable anyone, anywhere, to sign any digital document all the while ensuring the authenticity of the signature. In todays ever evolving world, where we are constantly running the race of life, Viditure™ joins in the relay to facilitate and ease our muscles.

Viditure™ is expected to be the fastest and most reliable way of signing documents across geographical regions. With its multiple layers of the signers authenticity verification, Viditure™ will also be able to ensure the identity of the Signer, guaranteeing that the Signer is the only one that can Viditure™  the document.


The Founder of Viditure !

Kebron Dejene: Founder of Viditure™

Kebron Dejene: Founder of Viditure™

Viditurecame to life because Kebron Dejene, Founder of Viditure™, was busy at work one day when the need of signing his financial aid papers arose, leaving him a window of just a few hours to do so. With only his phone and no printers, scanners  or computers at his disposal the task at hand was a Mission Impossible for which he became his own Ethan Hunt, with the help of some of his allies.

Kebron Dejene is more than your average modern day 25 year old.  A young social entrepreneur positively engaged in the society, he has always been looking for ways of bringing significant changes to the world by taking on big issues. Which is exactly what he has achieved by bringing forth and birthing Viditure. To him, ideas flow as naturally as opening eyes in the morning and Viditure™ is just one of his babies, the first to have hatched beautifully with a patent pending technology.

Kebron was inspired by his own story to come up with Viditure. After having gone through various ups and downs to finally submit signed financial aid documents, the idea of facilitating the signing of documents slowly simmered in his head. He believes that this disruptive service will revolutionize the way of document signing.

Ready to Viditure?

With new technologies spouting from all corners of the world we might be faced with the embarrassment of choice. However, while all advancement is good how many new tools and gadgets can really be useful and make significant change at the same time? Very little !

Viditure™ is believed to reduce fraud significantly and help move towards a paperless and Green world. Viditure™ is also believed to change the system built in trust by adding verification and authenticity to the game. Kebron believes Viditure™ will undoubtably help us cope with minor as well as major emergencies in our lives such as validating the surgery of our children from miles away,authorizing their field trips or even validating the reception of shipped packages for example and the list goes on.

We have all heard of identity theft and many have fallen victim of this in the medical, real estate and day to day line of life. Viditure™ can help resolve these identity fraud issues by simply adding a face to the agreement inarguably revolutionizing our current way of life. I finally skeptically asked Kebron Dejene how sure he was of Viditure™ and its ability to diminish fraud, he said with a smile on his face “Which thief will put his face on video?”.



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