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3 quick questions 12

3 quick questions . . .

with John Enghauser

John Enghauser is a California-based singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who has not only released his own albums (including Lost In The Pages and Reality) but also tours and performs live.

Here are the 3 quick questions asked of Enghauser:

3 quick questions

John Enghauser

1.  Tell us about your first paid gig and share what inspired you to turn it into a profession, OK?

Enghauser: It was at a fraternity at Indiana University and I was lead vocalist of my band called “Primitive Means”.  I think we made just enough money to pay the sound man and the light man, but we didn’t care – ha.  We had a blast and were very well received.  

It was the first of many paid gigs with that band and I knew at that point in my life that I wanted to be a professional musician at that time in my life.  I was dabbling in bass guitar at the time and began teaching myself how to play other instruments so I could write music.  I had played trombone for 4 years at a younger age which helped in my understanding of instrumentation.

3 quick questions

John Enghauser

2.  The ghost of George “two minute warning” Carlin visits you to let you know the end is near.  You will be permitted to write one final song.  What do you write about?

Enghauser: Ha!  I’d write about the surreal experience of being visited by a ghost, let alone that of a legendary comedian.  In reaction to his warning, I’d take my chances in assuming that if the end is near that it won’t be because a ghost told me so.  Sorry, I realize this wasn’t the point of your question, but I love the scenario you present.

3 quick questions

John Enghauser

3.  What is next for you?

Enghauser: Film and TV placement.  It’s a slow process and a full time job.  Time I don’t really have, but will make the most of it.  I’d like to release another album in 2015 as well. 

So there you have it, ladies and gents, 3 quick answers from performer John Enghauser.  Hopefully, you found these 3 quick questions entertaining and interesting.

(Images courtesy of John Enghauser)

3 quick questions

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