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Avalanche Kills a man in Idaho!

Avalanche Kills a man in Idaho and injures his wife…

Avalanche Kills a man

A huge avalanche has buried four people with within the Idaho wilderness. Snow has been a huge killer this year and it is at it again. Four people are covered deep within the snow for up to 90 minutes. This happened around 2 p.m. Sunday afternoon in the backcountry. 

Robert and Susan Swanton of Sutherlin, Oregon,  to make it out of the deep snow  and began digging around for George Martin Jr. of Bellevue, and his wife, Lesley Martin. They finally found them after over an hour of searching, but by that time it was to late. They had trouble finding the avalanche-beacon so they went to the local highway for help, as Mrs. Martin was taken to the hospital with hypothermia treatment.

Be careful this season as the ice, snow, and winter weather claims another life. Watch out for yourself and others during this big storm time. Stay tuned to see what happens to the Martins. If you have been trapped in the snow or seen an avalanche, tells us your story below. Please leave your comments on what you saw during your snow travels. 

Avalanche Kills a man in Idaho and injures his wife…what happens next? 

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