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Why Businessmen Stopped Marrying Their Secretaries


In 1960, it was common for a businessman to fall in love and marry his secretary. After years in a male dominate university followed by a male dominate career, the secretary was breath of fresh perfume scented air.

Courtesy of imatters.net Education and Marriage

Courtesy of imatters.net
Education and Marriage

Researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research, in the US, found this no longer to be the case.

According to a study of American Census data by Pennsylvania University, nearly half of married graduate men had married female graduates in 2005, compared with just a quarter in 1960.

As women seek to advance themselves academically universities have become equally populated with male and female students.

Universities have become breeding grounds for roses, love letters and marriage proposals. Most men and woman are finding their life long lovers at their University.

Research has discovered this trend now poses a threat to our social system.  It’s the classic, “rich get richer and the poor get poorer” phenomena.  This may be tragically creating greater inequality in household incomes, as successful and low-earning couples stay apart.

As highly educated men marry highly educated women the pendulum must swing in the opposite direction.  Lower educated woman are now led to marry men as equally educated.  “Nearly 60 per cent of women who had only been educated to high school level were married to men of the same education in 2005, compared to just over 40 per cent in 1960.”

“As a consequence, income inequality has increased because education is strongly correlated with income—the more schooling you have, the more money you typically earn, according to a team of economists headed by Jeremy Greenwood of the University of Pennsylvania.”

Virtually across the board, the income gap between couples with relatively high and those with relatively low levels of education has widened substantially since 1960.

Why Businessmen Stopped Marrying Their Secretaries

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