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Does Obama Think Lebron is Better Than Jordan?

Lebron Better than Jordan? The controversy that never ends in basketball. Whether it’s Kobe vs Jordan, or Kobe vs Lebron, or Jordan vs Lebron. The debate continues on.

Did President Obama really sell out his hometown Chicago Bulls legend Micahel Jordan, by saying Lebron James is a better baller than his heirness? During an interview with Charles Barkley that aired on TNT Sunday night, president Obama hinted to the idea that he believed Lebron James will have a greater legacy than Michael Jordan.

Although, he did lead into the statement by saying he was a Chicago guy and partial to Jordan, he went on to say that he has never seen an athlete with a more complete package than Lebron James.

The debate for greatest NBA player of all-time doesn’t seem to be set in stone, but many people are starting to take the same stance as the President and declare Lebron James the greatest NBA player ever.

In case you you missed the interview, here is the video clip where the President showcased his NBA knowledge.

Does Obama Think Lebron is Better Than Jordan?

[youtube id=”e8sfsaDjrE4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]


What do you think? Who is the greatest NBA player ever?

Here is how we stack up Jordan and Lebron over their first 10 years in the league….


Jordan: 31 ppg

Lebron: 27.55 ppg


Jordan: 6.17 rpg

Lebron: 7.28 rpg


Jordan: 7.28 rpg

Lebron: 6.17 rpg


Jordan: 5

Lebron: 4

NBA titles in first 10 years:

Jordan: 3

Lebron: 2

This one goes to Jordan. Oh and the debate about who is the better baller between Jordan and Kobe? This one goes to Jordan! That’s why the debate was Jordan vs Lebron, not Kobe vs Lebron.

Does Obama Think Lebron is Better Than Jordan?

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