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Popular to Nunya – Where Are They Now?

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Popular to Nunya #10



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None other than Tim Tebow comes in at Number 10. The miracle working unorthodox QB once looked like he may have a shot in the NFL after leading the 2011, Denver Broncos to the second round of the playoffs. Following that playoff performance he found himself on the trading block, then as a backup with the New York Jets. After getting next to no chance from Jets coach Rex Ryan, Tebow ended up out of the NFL.

Even though Tim is not completely out of the public light, in 2013 he was for the most part spending time working on his charities. On December 30, 2013, Tebow was hired by ESPN as a college football analyst. He will appear mainly on the SEC Network as co-host of SEC Nation. Tebow says he has not given up on playing at the pro level again soon.

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  • Desbil

    The same media outlet and other networks who have hired him were the very first culprits who caused Tebow’s downfall from the get go . Sports media is controlled by tycoons who promote athletes immersed in drug dealing , murder , sexual assault and battery , domestic violence and so on . Just take a glance at the onslaught by media and their rogue commentators bashing Tim night in and night out .It was a we’ll orchestrated scheme to vanquish a great athlete and a greater human being . Hiring him for now is a clear example of screw ball politics in reverse gear