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Viral Drinking Game Neknomination Takes Fifth Victim

Viral Drinking Game Neknomination Takes Fifth Victim. While it has yet to make its way to The States, a popular online drinking game called Neknomination has just claimed its fifth reported victim. Also known as Neck and Nominate, the game requires participants to quickly consume a pint of an alcoholic beverage before uploading the footage via social media and tagging two others to do the same. Those dared must then complete the action within 24 hours and continue the cycle.

Viral Drinking Game Neknomination Takes Fifth Victim

Originating in Australia, the game has since made its way to the UK with maladaptations taking place along the way. What once was beer guzzling has transformed into pints of hard liquor, physical dares to be completed upon chugging and even motor-oil being consumed.

Neknomination gained fame when an Irish rugby player combined two pints of gin with tea bags and said to the camera, “This is how you drink.”

The game hasn’t gone unnoticed and British authorities have released a statement to youths partaking in the game. Police warn players that charges of manslaughter may be invoked upon darers if said dare leads to a death.

Fellow students realizing how utterly idiotic the game is have gone on to try and transform it for the better. In South Africa, friends are instead daring friends to perform random acts of kindness and in Brixton, Donate and Nominate calls people to donate blood instead.

Viral Drinking Game Neknomination Takes Fifth Victim

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