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More Patients Checking Online Doctor Reviews

According to new study: More patients checking online doctor reviews before selecting

More Patients Checking Online Doctor Reviews

More Patients Checking Online Doctor Reviews
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A recent survey shows that more people are researching their doctor’s before selecting them, similar to how they check ratings on cars or other consumer goods.

Consumer ratings sites are popular in regards to checking out whether a local restaurant may be worth a shot, or in deciding which television might fit their needs best.  Although some may not be aware of websites such as Healthgrades or RateMD’s, it turns out that most do.

In the recent study, over 2,100 Americans were surveyed.  It was found that approximately two thirds of all surveyed knew of the doctor rating sites.  Doctor’s ratings can also be found on more general rating sites, such as Yelp, however the specific sites appear to have a more in depth rating system.

While Yelp offers users the opportunity to leave remarks in regards to their designated rating, sites like Healthgrades offer a more specific rating system involving options such as “ease of scheduling urgent appointments,” and “total wait time.”

The study also found that one quarter of all surveyed had used the doctor rating sites within the past year.  This number has increased since previous studies.  “So it looks like there has been increased use over time,” states Dr. David Hanauer, lead researcher.

In addition to more people utilizing these sites, 35 percent of users had selected a doctor due to their ratings, while 37 percent had avoided a doctor because of poor ratings.

One major issue with relying on website ratings is the number of patients who actually complete these surveys.  Perhaps only one has been completed by a dissatisfied patient, these remarks could send the doctor’s ratings down the drain.  While it may be important to do your homework before a visit, it appears to be just as important to complete your homework after a visit and fill out a review that may aid in the decision making process for others.

More Patients Checking Online Doctor Reviews.

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