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Smart Headphones? Apples latest patent

A patent submitted by Apple in 2008 was approved today by the US Patent Office. The patent refers to a headphone system that can monitor data about its user. The data the headphones will capture the following information about its user; temperature, perspiration and heart rate.

This patent will position Apple into the healthcare space, an area of business they have been trying to get into for years.

Apple also suggested the headphones will have sensors that will let the user interface with devices using the headphones. Imagine being able to control a device using headmovements or nods. The potential is huge.

In addition to the new ‘smart headphones’, a rumored smart watch is in the works as well as patent requests in a  for technology that could monitor cardio activity.

The race for ‘wearable’ technology is rapidly getting more competitive. Everyone knows about  Google Glass and Nokias wearable smart watches. As other companies continue to push the envelope with wearable technology, the bar will continue to be raised.

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