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Why Aren’t Latinos Signing Up For Obamacare?

Latinos and other Spanish speaking minorities around the country probably have the most to gain from signing for Obamacare, which begs the question. Why aren’t Latinos signing up for Obamacare?


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It maybe for fear of deportation, most Latino households have at least one undocumented person living there and are fearful of signing up for Obamacare, because it might draw the attention of immigration officials. However, California is the only state that asks applicants to identify their race and ethnicity, even then its not a required check in the box. As of Dec. 31 of last year only 20 percent of Latinos in California had signed up for Obamacare. Prompting California representatives to make a bigger push to get more Latino applicants enrolling in Obamacare.

Santiago Lucero, a spokesperson for Covered California say, “We want to get to a lot more Latinos. Some would rather put a face to the application process, that is key for them to enroll. We never said that we were going to enroll them all by March 31. This is a two- to three-year goal.” Lucero told reporters in phone interview.

Another reason for the lack of Latinos signing up for Obamacare is that most of them are largely unaware of the benefits of signing up for healthcare. In states like: Texas and Florida that are opposed to Obamacare there is a shortage of counselors to explain exactly what their signing up for. There are also very few government websites that give an overview of the options that Obamacare offers and that are translated into Spanish. The official Spanish healthcare website: CuidadoDeSalud.gov, didn’t get launched until December and is full of translation errors and other glitches.

Latinos are a big key to getting Obamacare to work, because they make about 17 percent of the population nationwide, while about 1/3 of that number are uninsured. The healthcare plan is also aimed at getting more young adults nationwide signed up for health insurance and the majority of Latinos in the U.S. are in that target age range.

Why Aren’t Latinos Signing Up For Obamacare?

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