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Wisconsin National Guard Members Disrespect Fallen Veterans Funeral

Wisconsin National Guard members disrespect fallen veterans funeral by posting disrespectful pictures on Instagram. The pictures were posted on the social media website on Monday evening have caused quite the controversy on the internet and have created a military investigation.

Teresa Harrison a member permanently assigned to the Wisconsin’s National Guard honor guard detail posted pictures on Instagram of herself and other guard members posing and goofing off in front of a casket that had an American flag draped over top of it. In the caption and comments area bellow the photo she wrote, “We put the FUN in funeral.”


National Guard members posing and being disrespectful in front of a casket. Photo Courtesy: Instagram

Another picture posted on the girls private Instagram account shows her doing “selfie” photo and in the comments area she wrote, “It’s so d@$* cold out….WHY have a funeral outside?! Somebody’s getting a jacked up flag…”

A spokesperson for the National Guard released a statement saying, “It has come to the attention of the Wisconsin National Guard that a soldier may have posted inappropriate pictures and comments regarding their duties as a member of a Funeral Honor Guard. We are currently looking into the matter.” Maj. Paul Rickert in charge of public affairs for the Wisconsin National Guard, said they are investigating the pictures and he confirmed that Teresa is a member of the National Guard, but he did not confirm that she posted the pictures. Rickert and other guard officials have made a decision to leave the photos up and allow people to vent, but he added that funeral detail is a very serious matter and something they take very seriously.

Wisconsin National Guard Members Disrespect Fallen Veterans Funeral.

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