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Rumors WWE Owner Vince McMahon Looking to Buy Newcastle United False

What WWE owner Vince McMahon wants he usually gets. So if he wanted a soccer team he would buy a soccer team. Why not? He can certainly afford it.



So when rumors began to fly that the man behind World Wrestling Entertainment was looking to buy the Newcastle United Football Club there was no reason to think the rumors were false.  As it turns out–they were.

Numerous sources online had hinted at the possibility that McMahon was going to buy the club possibly fueled by his interest back in 2011. Winner Sports broke the ‘story’ citing an anonymous source:

“Vince McMahon has been sniffing around the club and seems keen on pursuing his interest.

He sees England as an untapped market for his wrestling empire. He has even indicated he could put on wrestling bouts at St James’ Park.

Obviously it is very early days but there is hope the fans may get what they want with Mike Ashley leaving. Buying a club like Newcastle would throw McMahon into the spotlight in England which is just what he is looking to do.”

McMahon has dabbled in other sports (the ill-fated XFL professional football league) in the past proving that he is willing to put his money where his mouth is. However, in this case the rumors are false.

“That’s completely false,” a WWE source told Goal USA on Tuesday.

With the WWE Network soon to launch owning a soccer team would help McMahon expand the WWE’s audience overseas. If he had his wrestlers act as security in the stands soccer hooligans might actually behave.

Since he isn’t buying the team it looks like we’ll never know.

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