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Kellogg’s Won’t Buy Palm Oil at the Expense of Rain Forests

Kellogg’s won’t buy palm oil at the expense of rain forests. Palm oil is an additive used in a number of processed foods, but is not a recommended substitute for trans fats according to research done by the USDA. The cultivation of palm oil has been highly criticized because of the effects its has rain forests, which include deforestation, loss of natural habitats, and the increased emission of greenhouse gases. In Indonesia and Malaysia palm oil cultivation has wiped out over 30,000 acres of rain forest.


Kellogg’s looks to protect environment by restricting palm oil purchases. Image Courtesy: Facebook.

In efforts to better protect the environment leaders at Kellogg’s announced last week that they will only purchase palm oil from companies that have been verified to protect the environment and save the rain forests. Kellogg’s plans to be in complete compliance with this new standard by 2015. Palm oil is used in Kellogg’s products like: Pop-Tarts, cookies, and waffles; its not commonly found cereals. Green Century Capital Management reports that palm oil brings in about $50 million dollars in revenue annually with its use in more than half of the packaged foods on the market.

Palm oil is made from the fruit of oil palms mesocarp and is naturally reddish in color, primarily found in African countries. Environmentalists who for a long time have protested the use of palm oil, applauded the cereal company for their efforts to better protect the rain forests.

Kellogg’s Won’t Buy Palm Oil at the Expense of Rain Forests.

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    credit where credit is due. In return, I will buy 3 kellogg’s products per week — 3 more than I usually buy.