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Is Valentines Tiffany Snapchat A Scam?

A Valentines Tiffany Snapchat is the newest scam coming through Snapchat to collect users information.  The Snapchat tells users they have won a Valentine’s gift from Tiffany & Co. and to go to a website to claim.

Is Valentines Tiffany Snapchat A Scam?

The Snapchat comes through on the users Snapchat account saying their user name has won a Valentine’s gift through Tiffany and Snapchat.  All they need to do is go to snapvalentine.com and enter their information to see what they have won.

I decided to personally go to the website and see what was going on after looking up the scam.  On my smartphone, the website works.  When I tried to go to the site via the internet, it redirects me to Twitter.com.  Interesting.

Is Valentines Tiffany Snapchat A Scam?

Could Tiffany & Co really have a partnership with Snapchat?

When I go to the site on my smartphone, it asks me to enter my Snapchat username to confirm that I have won.  I tried several usernames and all of them “won.”  The next page asks for your personal information, but will not let you complete the form.  It says that in order to do so, you must select an offer from a sponsor.

Having shopped at Tiffany & Co., this is definitely something they would never participate in.  The company is too prestigious to give away their product via a sponsor.  This is probably part of the aftermath of Snapchat being hacked a little over a month ago.

If you receive this Snapchat, do not be deceived!  You will not receive any Tiffany & Co. jewelery.

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Is Valentines Tiffany Snapchat A Scam?

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