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What did The Beatles do today February 20?

The Beatles: On this day in music history

February 20

Most music aficionados know that The Beatles were a British band founded in 1960. They were perhaps the most critically and commercially successful groups in history. The line-up from 1962 on included: John Lennon (guitar, keys, and vocals), Paul McCartney (bass, keys, guitar and vocals), George Harrison (guitar, keys and vocals) and Ringo Starr (drums, percussion, piano and vocals).

On this day in music history, there were several Beatles-related moments.  The events date from 1963 through 2008.


The Beatles 1963

On this day in 1963 The Beatles are in the studio overdubbing takes of “Misery” and “Baby It’s You”.  Producer George Martin adds piano to “Misery” and celesta to “Baby It’s You”.

On this day in 1965 The Beatles’ Beatles ’65 hit its 7th week at number 1 in the U.S.  Also on this date The Beatles mix takes of “If You’ve Got Trouble“, “Tell Me What You See” and “You’re Going To Lose That Girl”.  They record “That Means A Lot” and mix “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”.

On this day in 1967 The Beatles record the calliope tape effects for “Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!”  They also remix a demo of “Good Morning Good Morning”.

On this day in 1970 Lennon releases the single “Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)“/”Who Has Seen The Wind” in the U.S.

On this day in 1980 McCartney is interviewed for Rolling Stone magazine.

On this day in 1981 Carl Perkins joins McCartney and Martin on the island of Montserrat.


Paul McCartney and Carl Perkins 1981

On this day in 1991 Lennon is posthumously awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at The Grammys.

On this day in 2003 The Beatles again appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

On this day in 2008 McCartney performs a medley of hits, including “Live And Let Die”, “Hey Jude” and “Lady Madonna” after he is awarded an outstanding contribution award at the annual Brit Awards in London, England.

(Images courtesy of TelegraphCo.UK and BeatlePhotoBlog)

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