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Futuristic Mega-Research Programs Going on Across the Globe

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Google glass image from Wikimedia.

Google Glass image from Wikimedia.

Google X – A state of the facility where they invest in people and their failed attempts. By encouraging project members to be exploratory and be responsibly irresponsible Google hopes to deliver technology in a way that makes your life easier, so that you go do more living.

Google X is located a half mile from Google’s corporate headquarters, the Googleplex, in Mountain View, California. Work at the lab is overseen by Sergey Brin, one of Google’s co-founders, and by scientist and entrepreneur Astro Teller.

At the complex there are dozens of projects pertaining to future technologies such as a self-driving car, Google glass, contact lenses that monitor glucose in tears, internet service via balloons in the stratosphere ,a neural network that uses semi-supervised learning.

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