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Kurt Cobain’s Birthday Becomes Kurt Cobain Day in Hometown

Today marks the first Kurt Cobain Day in Kurt Cobain’s hometown of Aberdeen, WA.  47 years ago today, Kurt Cobain was born.  He later went on to be famous for being a part of the band Nirvana.

Kurt Cobain’s Birthday Becomes Kurt Cobain Day in Hometown

Kurt Cobain's Birthday Becomes Kurt Cobain Day in Hometown

Kurt Cobain performing with Nirvana.

In honor of Kurt Cobain‘s life, a statue has been put up in his hometown. Although it was erected about 20 years ago around the time of Kurt Cobain’s death, the city rejected it.  Cobain had not spoken the most highly of the city and thus the city did not want to have him represented.  Also, Cobain had been a known drug addict and the city did not want to be represented in that way.

Cobain had good reasons for not being fond of the city.  His memories were of his parent’s divorce, the beginning of his drug addiction, and dropping out of high school.  The good thing that came from him living in Aberdeen, WA?  This is where Kurt Cobain met Krist Novoselic.  The two started the famous band Nirvana, and the first practices were held in Aberdeen.

The statue will now have a home in Aberdeen’s Museum of History.  It previously lived in a muffler shop owned by the creator and brought many visitors by.  Kurt Cobain Day will now be celebrated on February 20th each year in honor of Kurt Cobain’s birthday.

Kurt Cobain’s Birthday Becomes Kurt Cobain Day in Hometown

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  • Courtney Hukill

    I’m from Aberdeen, and it’s a miserable place. Anyone who leaves hates it there!

    • NM156

      I haven’t been there since the mid-2000s, en route to Olympic NP. Is it still all woody moldy? XD Has any industry besides pulp made an advance in Aberdeen?

  • anais hunter

    Aberdeen IS awful. I went there my whole life, as most of my family is from Gray’s Harbor. From what I’ve heard, they didn’t exactly treat him well in the first place, and it doesn’t sound like they treated him at all well in death. 20 years after his death they realize how much he was loved by us, his fans. Yes, he fought with drug addiction. It doesn’t make him less human. Maybe it makes him MORE human. Everyone makes mistakes.It’s been about 12-13 years now since I’ve driven through Aberdeen, by his home, a drive that always makes me feel glum. I grew up in another depressing town in the Northwest, but at least it wasn’t that one. :(

  • Donna Timney

    Color me wrong if you will, but somehow I believe Cobain would have preferred it in the muffler shop.

    • NM156

      Chuckle…or at least under the bridge, along the banks of the muddy Wishkah (?).