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Michael Sam Starting to Make a Little Money Prior to the Draft

Missouri’s Michael Sam has made a name for himself as a football player and will soon be the first openly gay man in the NFL. ?So why not make some money?


He is.

Sam took a huge risk when he decided to announce to the world that he is gay. Prior to making his sexual preference public he was rated as a potential 3rd or 4th round pick in the coming draft. Now that is up in the air. Yes, many teams have said that his sexuality is not going to affect how they evaluate him. Most of the players that have spoken out have done so in favor of him.

Will that be the case? Only time will tell. It’s easy for teams to say one thing and do another. The world will not know ?until the draft.

Since his earning potential may be impacted why not make a little money ahead of time?

According to Sam’s agent, Cameron Weiss, Topps, Upper Deck, Panini, Sage and Press Pass have signed his client to product deals.

“We normally focus on defensive players that are most likely to get drafted in the first two rounds, so Michael was originally one of our alternates,” said Nick Matijevich, vice president of operations for Press Pass. “But the news made his inclusion a no-brainer.”

It is not unusual for companies like Topps and Upper Deck to sign star players to autograph deals before the draft, but they usually sign players with more star power; ones that will go in the first or second round (not the middle rounds or later).

There will likely be some who think he is taking advantage of his sexuality and new found notoriety to make money–and why not? At this stage of the game for football players it is all about optimizing one’s earning potential. So if it means he takes advantage of the fame announcing he is gay has given him than good for him.

Who among us would not do the same?

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