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LeBron James Space Jam 2: Sequel on the Horizon or Just a Rumor?

LeBron James Space Jam 2: The internet is great for starting and running with rumors, and recently came up with another–a sequel to the 1996 hit Space Jam.



Michael Jordan is a little old to reprise his role of course. No, Warner Bros would need someone new to take over the role MJ had in the original. Back than they got the biggest star in basketball–so who would that be now?

LeBron James.

Deadline broke the story Friday afternoon when it ran with a story claiming that the sons of broadcasting veteran Dick Ebersol were on board to develop a sequel to Space Jam starring Miami Heat superstar LeBron James. With a movie as popular as the original a sequel would seem to be a foregone conclusion, but for some reason the studio waited nearly a couple decades to get it done.

Or did they?

As great as it sounds it hasn’t quite happened–at least not yet. Within hours of the original story breaking sources out of LeBron’s camp refuted the story denying that James was going to be taking his considerable talents to the big screen.

So it is not happening–or is it…

ESPN’s Darren Rovell dug a little deeper in to the story and found out that there had yet to be any substantive discussions between the studio and LeBron’s representatives–key work being ‘substantive.’

Does that mean that they have talked about, but haven’t gotten serious yet. Is the idea being batted around? Could LeBron be trying to secure deals for some of his buddies to be the other NBA stars (you know, the ones who get their talents stolen)?

Who knows, but if the movie does end up being made there is a good chance it could fly. There is a good chance ti could touch the sky. Fans will think about it every night and day.

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