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What is Quinning? Olympic Bobsledder Johnny Quinns Tweet Goes Viral

#Quinning this latest Twitter hashtag from Olympic bobsledder Johnny Quinn is taking social media by storm. What is quinning? Well quinning is essentially just using brute force and strength to tear through something or tear it open, like Johnny did when he was trapped inside the bathroom.

The former NFL player and now Olympic bobsledder started this latest hashtag craze when he got stuck inside of a bathroom and had destroy the door to free himself.


Johnny Quinn

#quinning Olympic bobsledder rips open bathroom door when he was locked inside. Image Courtesy: Twitter

Later that same day Quinn and his bobsled team mate Nick Cunningham, along with the director of bobsledding at the Sochi Olympics 2014 David Cripps all got trapped inside the elevator of their hotel. The bobsled strongman once again tried #quinning to free himself and his team mate, but this time the lock on the elevator doors proved to be too much. Quinn and Cunningham both posted pictures on Twitter of Quinn flexing his muscles trying to the elevator open.

Nick Cunningham

Nick and Johnny get stuck in the elevator at their hotel. Image Courtesy: Twitter

These photos have spread like wildfire on social media and created the latest hashtag craze #quinning. This viral hashtag can be seen around the web with people posting pictures of themselves ripping things open like: boxes and  plastic packages, in a hulk like fashion to get whatever is inside out.

Johnny Quinn is a former wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills and has gotten popular in Sochi for using his sheer strength. Hashtags are a word or phrase commonly used on social media sites that are preceded by the symbol #.

#Quinning This Hashtag From Olympic An Bobsledder Is Taking Social Media By Storm.

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