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Shocking Video of a Jogging Woman Allegedly Arrested for “Failure to Identify”


Image Courtesy of Chris Quintero of The Daily Texan
Young Jogger Arrested for “Failure to Identify”

What apparently began as an innocent jog in Austin, Texas ended with screams of “I didn’t f***ing do anything,” as a young jogger was led away in handcuffs.

What happened between the jog and eventual jaw dropping scene in the street?

“I was doing nothing wrong,” she said at first to a nearby witness while sitting on the sidewalk with her hands behind her and one officer standing over her. “I was just crossing the street.”

“I didn’t f**king do anything wrong! I didn’t do anything wrong!” she yelled before being placed in a nearby squad car. She then began crying as she pleaded, “I f**king crossed the street.”

According to the The Daily Texan, the student newspaper for the University of Texas at Austin, police arrested the woman for “failure to identify.”

Student Chris Quintero witnessed, recorded and took multiple snapshots of the arrest.  According to Quintero, he saw the woman jogging with headphones on when police ran after her. When the woman failed to stop, the officer grabbed her by the arm and handcuffed her.

 The Texas “Failure to Identify” Law states:

  •   A person commits an offense if he intentionally refuses to give his name, residence address, or date of birth to a peace officer who has lawfully arrested the person and requested the information. -ExCop-Lawstudent

Was her initial arrest lawful?

The Terry stop, allows police officer to stop a pedestrian and investigate a potential crime without probably cause. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, a police officer may initiate a temporary stop, a level of intrusion short of an arrest, if the officer can articulate a reasonable suspicion that the suspect has committed a crime or is about to commit a crime. –The Police Chief

Is this just a huge traumatic misunderstanding or do the police know something witnesses don’t?

Austin police did not return phone calls from other news sources concerning the reason behind detaining the young woman.

Here’s Quintero’s edited video with embedded close-up photographs:

 Shocking Video of a Jogging Woman  Allegedly Arrested for “Failure to Identify”

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