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500 Muslims Forbidden To Fly On Mars One Mission By Imam

A Muslim Imam recently declared a Fatwa against any Muslims hoping to fly on the Mars One mission to the Red Planet. The Mars One program has been investigating potential candidates to be test pilots on their potentially one-way mission to Mars in the near future. The venture is hoping to prove that travel to our planetary neighbor is possible with our given technology. Candidates for this program are asked to assume that the mission will not be able to return to Earth, in the event that something happens along the way. This classifies the mission as a suicide, making it forbidden for Muslims to participate in.

500 Muslims Forbidden To Fly On Mars One Mission By Imam

500 Muslims Mars OneMost people would not be volunteering to go on a known suicide mission, but the chance to be the first humans to set foot on another planet has tens of thousands of hopefuls lined up for the opportunity. The Mars One program is a crowd funded program that aims to build the space crafts and living modules for pioneers to set up on the Mars surface. In as little as 10 years the program could be ready to launch its first manned mission to the Red Planet, sending people on their way to Mars for the first time.

The General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment in the United Arab Emirates passed on the information about the Fatwa against the Mars One mission. The officials from the Mars One program have already responded respectfully to the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowment, stating that various precautions will be taken to ensure the safety of the crew travelling to Mars, and that many test for crew safety will conducted on the planned 8 cargo missions, which will be shipping modules to the Mars surface for living quarters, food supplies, etc.

Whether this decision is ultimately deemed to be unholy, there will still be many Muslims with dreams of setting foot on Mars. Many of them would rather uphold the word of their religious law, than bear the brunt of it’s wrath provided that they safely returned to Earth after their mission.

Featured image is a modified screenshot from the Mars One website.

500 Muslims Forbidden To Fly On Mars One Mission By Imam.

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