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6 California States May Become A Reality

The great state of California may be looking to split up into 6 different states. This would bring the total number of stars on the US Flag up to 55. While California has been the most populated state for some time, the initiative to turn the territory into separate states dates back to just after the Gold Rush of the 1800’s. This time however the initiative is led by Tim Draper, a wealthy venture capitalist from Silicon Valley who thinks that they can do it right this time.

6 California States May Become A Reality

6 CaliforniasDraper wants to see California carved into 6 different states, using the existing county lines as the boundaries, so that current cities and zones are left with minimal impact. This would set up 6 separate state governments to hopefully better manage the 38 million people who live in the state’s current borders. Right now, it is presumed that the state is struggling financially and in infrastructure due to the thin spreading of its current resources. There are just too many people, cities, and items to have to worry about for one central government.

Some opponents to this 6 states initiative are worried that by carving the state into 6 different districts, the tax revenue from California’s 2 highest grossing areas would retain all of the state’s wealth for themselves, leaving little for the other 4 new states to sustain themselves with. The areas around Los Angeles and Silicon Valley would be able to retain all of the state taxes that their major corporations and industries provide, while the more rural zones would have little tax revenue to manage, yet still have a sizable population to support with what little is left.

If there are indeed 6 states created from the existing California, and 4 of them are left in relative poverty, there may be some backlash from those 4 remaining states later on. Residents of those 4 states might not appreciate the reduction in government spending on services ad programs for those people, as they have been accustomed to for their entire lives so far.

If the initiative to split the state is successful, you can look forward to adding these new state names to your list: Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California, and South California. So there would no longer really be a state called “California” if this becomes true.

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6 California States May Become A Reality.

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  • 1nameme

    Oh please, this has exactly zero chance of happening. So one more crackpot got permission to seek signatures on a ballot. That’s about as far from making this a reality as a fart is from a rocket to Mars.

  • Sheila Hoag

    Never happen. Congress would have to approve it, and no one’s going to give California 10 more Senate seats. You’d have to be crazy to believe the ridiculous headlines.

    • Tony Todd

      “California” wouldn’t be getting 10 more senate seats. There would be no more California. There is no way in hell people like Boxer or Feinstein would have a prayer of getting elected in the 4 new states that would neither have LA or San Fran.

  • Bill Wickman

    I agree it will never happen. However, as one of those who’s home would fall into the state of “Jefferson” I can only say I wish it could. We are thoroughly sick of being ruled by the urban majority who know nothing of, and cannot seem to imagine, a life outside the two California megalopolises. As far as financial support, it seems some other states, rural in nature, like Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, etc, etc, do just fine and enjoy a quality of life far better than SoCal or the bay area IMHO. Besides fellas, we have the water!

    • Tony Todd

      As someone who’s home state would now be “South California” I can only say “I wish” as well. Totally agree on the “megalopolises” comment.