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Nets to Sign Jason Collins; First Openly Gay Athlete in Major North American Sport

Nets to Sign Jason Collins: It looks like former Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam is not going to be the first openly gay athlete to actually play.



While the sports loving world has been abuzz over Michael Sam’s announcement and NFL potential another gay athlete has been quietly awaiting a chance to get back to playing the game he loves and hasn’t since he announced his sexual preference to the world–Jason Collins. However , it looks like he might get a chance to play again after all.

Collins, a veteran center and former first round pick (No. 18 pick in 2001 by the Houston Rockets), announced that he is gay last spring. Since then he has been biding his time and waiting for the phone to ring so he can get back on the court. The preseason came and went without a call and for most of the regular season it was silent too.

With teams looking to solidify their rosters for the post season many clubs are kicking the proverbial tires on free agents. The Brooklyn Nets–the team Collins played the bulk of his early years with–would be the No. 8 seed in the East if the playoffs were to start today. To better position themselves for a series with the Indiana Pacers the team has been looking for a big man to add to the roster.

Enter Jason Collins.

If there was a team that would sign him and play Collins it would be the Nets, an organization that knows him and his familiar with him. He and current Nets coach Jason Kidd were teammates for many years with the Nets and he has also played with Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce in the past.

It is just a 10-day contract which doesn’t mean that he will actually get on the court, but with the chance to sneak in to the post season and make some noise there is no reason to think they will not give him an honest shot.


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