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5 California Children Suffering From Polio-like Illness

Although the medical field still proclaims that the Polio Virus was eradicated by immunizations long ago, there have been at least 5 California children suffering from Polio-like illness recently. These children have all suffered some sort or paralysis as a result of their viral infections, which have attacked their spine or nervous system in a fashion similar to the Polio Virus. Some of the children have become so stricken by the illness that one of them even showed signs of paralysis only a few days after they were believed to have contracted it.

5 California Children Suffering From Polio-like Illness

5 California Children Suffering From Polio IllnessOddly enough, all 5 of the infected children had received the Polio vaccine, leaving some to wonder if the vaccine was doing any good or if it may have even been a contributor to the issue. 3 out of the 5 children had suffered from an acute respiratory illness just prior to showing signs of the Polio-like virus, which may have been a contributing cause to their conditions.

Vaccines have drawn a lot of controversy in the past few years, and in seemingly increasing amount. More and more people are beginning to question the need for all of the vaccines that we are suggested to receive. Children these days are subjected to many more vaccines than what their parents were suggested to receive as little as a few decades ago. Professionals in the medical field still insist that children get regularly vaccinated to prevent the spread of communicable diseases for both their safety, and the safety of those they come into contact with.

Researchers in California are still working to identify the cause of these 5 children’s illness to see if they could be some how related. Coincidentally all 5 children were a part of a study being conducted by the California Neurologic and Surveillance Testing program.

Featured image from Wikipedia of a child receiving a “Polio Drop” vaccine.

5 California Children Suffering From Polio-like Illness.

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