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Comedian Harold Ramis Dies At Age 69

Beloved Actor, Screenwriter, and Comedian Harold Ramis dies at age 69 after suffering from various health problems in later years. Ramis was probably best known for his screen work during the 1980’s when he co-wrote and starred in the blockbuster movie Ghost Busters, and directed Caddy Shack. He was known for comedic genius, and he built up a reputation with other famous comedians such as Bill Murray and John Candy. He continued to act and participate in films even in recent years, as he played various roles such as Seth Rogan’s father in Knocked Up.

Comedian Harold Ramis Dies At Age 69

How did Harold Ramis Die? Ramis Died From Complications Attributed to an Autoimmune Disease - photo from Wikipedia

Harold Ramis started his film career in the late 1970’s with a string of successful screenplays such as Animal House, and Caddy Shack. Throughout the 1980’s and some of the 1990’s his film success continued with titles such as Groundhog Day. Chances are that most Americans have seen a film written, directed, or starred in by this iconic actor.

What ultimately got Ramis in recent years was an autoimmune inflammatory disease called Vasculitis. This disease had been causing him various health problems since 2010 when he first learned he had contracted it. During the past 4 years he had lost his ability to walk and was mostly crippled by the disease. Despite suffering from the symptoms, he fought hard to regain his mobility and still stayed somewhat active in Hollywood.

Harold Ramis leaves behind his wife and three children (two sons and a daughter). Lots of comedians throughout the years have had opportunities to work with Ramis, and his influence on films will likely continue to be a model for on-screen comedy for years to come. Some of his films are so iconic in the industry, that they are seen as masterpieces by many of Hollywood’s other top directors.

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Comedian Harold Ramis Dies At Age 69.

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