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Top 10 Fastest Man-made Creations

What are the Top 10 fastest man-made creations?


“I feel the need for speed!”  This famous tagline from the 1986 major motion picture Top Gun says it all.  We want to be the fastest.  What is the human race’s fascination with speed?  What is speed itself as we define it?

Speed, according to  the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is a noun defined as “the rate at which someone or something moves or travels”, “the rate at which something happens or is done” or “the quality of being quick”.  Whichever definition one prefers, the fact is for many of us it is all about speed.  People just don’t want to get there; they want to get there fast.


Speed Of Light (Image courtesy of ScienceBlogs)

About.com defines speed more scientifically.  It states that speed is the “distance travelled per unit of time. Speed is the scalar quantity that is the magnitude of the velocity vector.”

The human race is not happy to create and build things.  Eventually, they have to be “better . . . stronger . . . faster” to lift a line from the now classic TV series  and franchise “Six Million Dollar Man.”   Being the fastest at almost anything has driven man to make everything faster.  We often are willing to pay more to be faster, to go faster and to do things faster a well.

Inspiration comes from many sources.  We have studied the animal kingdom.  We have witnessed the speed of the cheetah—the world’s fastest land animal.  We have delved deep into the planet’s oceans to witness the speed of the fastest sea-dweller the sail fish.  We have even looked to the skies and tried to imitate the speed of the quickest bird the Peregrine falcon (or “duck hawk”).

The planet’s finest scientific minds have studied light and superluminosity and even such forces of nature as the wind itself.   Perhaps most importantly there is the very mortality of the human race.  “Life is short” someone once said.  Indeed, with such sources of inspiration and a sadly limited lifespan perhaps we should not be surprised that society feels the need for speed.





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