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How do you get a ‘DESIGNER BABY’?

How do you get a 'DESIGNER BABY'?

 The BIG question the next generation is asking is how do you get a ‘DESIGNER BABY’?

A new trend is starting a wild fire of controversy between people working in the sciences and the people that are realists. The  ‘Designer Baby‘ movement is one of the most controversial technology to date.

The ‘Designer Baby‘ fad was created from the “designer clothing” idea that you could create your own specialized   ‘Designer Baby‘ the way you wanted it, like a doll. ‘Designer Baby‘ is just another fancy name for genetically engineered humans.

 Scientist are using Pre-implantion Genetic Diagnosis to select the type of qualities a parent might want in their  ‘Designer Baby‘. This concept was fist written about in 1972, but not until 1990 when the FDA approved the first gene therapy experiment in the U.S. was it taken seriously.

This is a technique that was established by a field of gene therapist is believed to potentially change the way humans deal with genetic traits, helping to treat diseases, and also to create a market for ‘designer babies’.

Now, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD or PIGD) is a process that is also known as embryo screening in the field of Science. This field is very gray and has a lot of hoops to jump through.
“Every time we get a little closer to genetic tinkering to promote health — that’s exciting and scary,” said Dr. Alan Copperman, Director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York

This is huge market and a lot more people are looking in to this new trend. Is this pro life? This is becoming a type of Gene Therapy to help treat many different types of diseases in the World.

 “it involves combining the genetic material of three people to make a baby free of certain defects.” New York Times

How do you get a 'DESIGNER BABY'?


“This would introduce a new family structure. Three genetic parents even if the contribution of the third parent with some mitochondrial DNA was very small. This is something that should not be undertaken without serious consideration of what we’re doing to family relationships.” said Witherspoon Institute Matthew Franck 


“It’s one thing to set out to repair a disease by genetic modification. It’s a different issue to say, hey, I want to figure out if I should use this to make a taller baby, or a stronger baby, or a smarter baby. This may open the door to doing those things, but I’m not sure you can hold the babies hostage and say we’re not going to fix diseases because it might lead to a slippery slope.” said NYU Medical Ethics Director Arthur Caplan 

So we have the FDA playing with DNA?

How do I get a ‘DESIGNER BABY’?

How do you get a ‘DESIGNER BABY’? 

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