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NBA 4-Point Line: Is the League Actually Thinking of Creating One?

NBA 4-Point Line: With the way some guys are able to shoot from well behind the arc it would not be surprising to see this be created.



Sports fans love many, many different things. While watching their favorite team blow their opponent out of the water has to be one of those things, watching their team overcome a deficit in dramatic fashion for the win has to be a close second. For basketball fans that usually involves a barrage of three pointers mixed with some poor free throw shooting by the other team (depending on how big the deficit is of course).

What if there was a four point line? What if there was a way to close a larger gap late in the game? A seven point gap at best requires three shots to overcome, but what if it could be done in just two?

According to ESPN the NBA is thinking about creating a four-point line.

“Oh man,” NBA president of basketball operations Rob Thorn said, “some of the players we have can shoot the ball 30 feet as easily as they can shoot 23, 24 feet.”

Could be interesting, right? Would the league actually do it? Don’t hold your breath. An NBA spokesperson responded to the idea over Twitter and blasted ESPN for manufacturing a story (via Bleacher Report):

Frank: “”No one at the NBA,nor the competition committee, has had any serious conversations about increasing the size of the floor …”

— Howard Beck (@HowardBeck) February 25, 2014

Frank, cont: “…or adding a 4-point line. Rod Thorn and Kiki VanDeWeghe were entertaining a line of questioning…”

— Howard Beck (@HowardBeck) February 25, 2014

Frank, cont: “about out of the box ideas and ESPN. com chose to make a story that doesn’t exist.”

— Howard Beck (@HowardBeck) February 25, 2014

So there you have it folks. There will not be a 4-point line coming anytime soon.

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