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10 Out of this World Body Modifications

Human Barbie – #1

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Video from InformOverload.

This one truly claims she is out of this world. Valeria Lukyanova is a self proclaimed ”Breatharian” and believes she can live off ‘cosmic micro-food’ of just light and air. Known as the human barbie doll, Valeria Lukyanova, 23, has reportedly got slimmer due to not eating and has converted to Breatharianism.

Lukyanova claims that she can time travel and speak with aliens, claiming that she is actually from Venus.

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  • Athena606

    “The atmosphere consists almost entirely (96%) of carbon dioxide (CO2),
    a greenhouse gas responsible for the incredibly hot, greater than 400ºC
    conditions on Venus, surpassing the melting point of lead.”
    ……………Somebody get this kid a psychiatrist.

  • Anthony Poirier

    The voices are winning this battle. She’s a complete lunatic. Time to open the rubber room, or cut off the oxygen. This will not end well.

    • Guest

      I agree with you there, Anthony. She’s seriously deluded, I guess all the plastic she has in her body, has killed off any hope of brain cell activity. She’ll be found next to a bottle of pills and a note saying that this world is too cruel for her to live in.

  • Christina McDonald

    who did the subtitles they’re AWFUL

  • Skijo

    She probably is.

  • disqus_gdTvbLpcEw

    yeah that too bad.. she basally paid thousands of dollars to just fall victim to cosmetic slavery.. she had a bad idea to begin with and this is the end result.. how can anyone take her serious?

  • Mel Pratt

    Kim Kardashian has some real competition.