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10 Out of this World Body Modifications

Larry Da Leopard – #8

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Image from YouTube

Image from YouTube

Larry da Leopard, a Texas tattoo artist took his obsession with leopard spots and decided to become a human leopard. His decision to tattoo leopard spots onto his body may have caused a rift with his loved ones, but he believes it has brought him one step closer to becoming a true ‘manimal’ with cat-like reflexes.

Born Lance Brieschke, Larry Da Leopard has covered every inch of his body with more than a thousand spots to become half man, half big-cat. Larry claims that the leopard spots have given him cat like reflexes.

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  • Mz.Understood

    I just want to know how some of these folks earn a living.

    • octohawk

      It *just* said he’s a tattoo artist.

      • Mz.Understood

        That is ONE of the ppl. Are they ALL in the same kind of business that being this ‘out there’ will not interfere with a livelihood? There is more than one person being profiled. My question regarded ‘these folks’, not ‘number 8′.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001014849544 Mike Alan

      They vote democrat so they dont have to work to support themselves

      • Mel Pratt

        You are eligible to join any sideshow in the world, as a pinhead. You are a tragic case of microcephaly, which is why you are a retardedTea Bagger.

  • Roxanne Questi

    your taxes at work…

    • octohawk

      Quick! This is the Internet, someone blame Obama!
      The article said he’s a tattoo artist.

      • Mz.Understood

        LOL, Mike Alan did exactly that! Too funny. Personally right or left is all the same to me, must…be…cleansed!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001014849544 Mike Alan

    Half man, half cat, full mental patient

  • disqus_gdTvbLpcEw

    thing is these people don’t hide their odd side or different interests.. anyone can look inside themselves and find AT LEAST 3 things they wouldn’t want to show, admit or let anyone know about themselves bc society says its “insane, weird, uncool..” list goes on.. these ppl are the ones laughing at us for being stuck in this mental prison trying to be like everyone else.. having said that.. I’m sure theirs ppl who might have nothing to hide or no different taste.. in my opinion that is boring.. another well made clone.. no insight or personal opinion.. too bad