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10 Out of this World Body Modifications

Slimmest Waist – #7

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Video from YouTube user IncredibleWorld.

68-year-old, Cathie Jung set out to achieve the Guinness World Record for the slimmest waist. She got it!

Jung, who is 5 ft 5 inches tall, has a waist that measures just 15 inches in circumference thanks to a corset. Although corsets aren’t nearly as popular today as they were 200 years ago, they still have their place in the BDSM and body modification scenes. She has worn a corset for 22-years.

Tightlacing is the practice of wearing very tight corsets to create a tiny waist. Oh please do share your thoughts on this body modification.

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  • Mz.Understood

    I bet she STINKS like crazy!!!! No shower under that thing for 22 years?

    • Athena606

      Mz.Understood: Not knowing you personally, I can’t tell if your comment is meant to be a joke….you don’t put on a corset and then never take it off…you put it on with the rest of your clothes at the start of the day, and take it off when you get ready for bed. Just sayin’.

      • Mz.Understood

        No, it wasn’t meant to be a joke, it was more about exposing my ignorance of corsets. I got the impression that she NEVER takes it off. Oooops! So it comes off daily? I thought she slept in it and everything. I would think the body would take advantage of that time in bed to breathe itself back towards normalcy! Yuck, it is not even attractive.

        • Athena606

          I agree wholeheartedly….gotta be some sort of underlying mental issues/hyper-control of self issues when you choose to do that to your body despite all the information available as to how dangerous it is…

          • Mz.Understood

            That makes sense, ‘control’ or ‘attention’. Something to make them ‘stand out’ and be noticed. Or similar to anorexia an actual ‘total control’ of their body issue as you stated. Obviously a mental issue of some kind.

      • Sharon Page

        In the Victorian Days they weren’t worn nor are they meant to be worn always but in the introduction of this woman they say that she has been wearing a corset 24 hrs a day for the last 22 years! I would hope that she has a proper shower but sounds like she puts it straight back on again, imagine the damage she has done and for what?

  • Athena606

    The main reason women gave up wearing corsets in the first place was because not only did the corset severely misplace internal organs above and below the narrowest part, interfering with normal function, but also compressed everything so much, that if the woman fell, there was nowhere for her internal organs to flex, and she would sustain fatal internal injuries from the simplest of falls ….dying over the course of several days from internal bleeding. It was an extreme fashion that I am very, very glad went away.

  • Roxanne Questi

    What a waste of energy. Anyone can fame-whore; it’s harder to get an education.