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10 Out of this World Body Modifications

Vampire Lady – #10

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Video from YouTube via the Orlando Sentinel.

A woman from Guadalajara Mexico, Maria Cristerna, dubbed The Vampire Lady sure does take her body modifications to the next level. Considered an attractive woman before her body modification surgeries, the 35-year-old who grew up in a deeply religious family is covered head-to-toe in tattoos, had dental work so she appears to have fangs and has even had titanium horns inserted into her head. 

Her new look is the stuff that nightmares are made out of! Yikes.

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  • Thorium

    She is kinda creepy

  • Billie Connor

    I actually find her really inspirational. She took something negative in her life and turned it into something creative and special for her, and her only. She’s also working hard to help other women who went through what she went through

  • Billie Connor

    I actually find her really inspirational. She took something negative in her life and turned it into something unique and beautiful for her, not for anyone else. Loads of people get tattoos and piercings just because they look “cool”. Hers all have a deep and personal meaning to her. I also admire anyone that works to help others, she’s had a tough life but she’s determined to make something positive out of it. Yaaaaay 😀

    • Mz.Understood

      Sounds like there was more in the video than one can tell by looking at her. But that is kind of the point. I did not view the link, and therefore I just see the mess made of her face. You seem to have gotten a different feel from it, so I am guessing it is from something in the video. Since it is hard to ‘share’ our motivations with others in the moment it takes to meet, that makes your reaction to her a bit harder to come by for others.

  • John Hamilton

    I can see her as a Doctor or a Nurse, at the least I can see her greeting clients as they arrive for their legal consultation. What a waste.

    • Juan Manuel

      How is it a waste? Are you telling me that a couple of body modifications WILL automatically strip you of your skills? I sincerelly find that idea stupid. And if IT ACTUALLY WORKS LIKE THAT, the world must be UPSIDE DOWN….

      • Mz.Understood

        It may not strip you of your skills, but it would definitely get in the way of being allowed to use them much. Not very many companies could AFFORD to hire this person as they would lose too much business. But as long as she has someone to take care of her financially, she has the right to screw up her face if she wants to.

        • Juan Manuel

          But why would said company lose business? Does people see the tattos and AUTOMATICALLY turn their backs on her or the company?

          • Mz.Understood

            Yes, unfortunately they would. A LOT of people would not shop or buy there, depending upon what the business is. If this person worked at a tattoo parlor, no problem, but they would not likely be hired anywhere they would be seen at a standard oh, say, office supply company. I am not saying it is right, I am just saying it is SO.

          • Juan Manuel

            Well. I guess then that we officially LIVE IN A WORLD OF LIFELESS AUTOMATONS.

          • Mz.Understood

            I actually agree. Although I do understand that the way things are, many companies simply could not hire her, regardless of how ‘flexible’ they may be, I see this, regardless of whether OTHERS like it or not, as being a form of personal expression, and after all, this person is not forcing THEIR taste onto a customer. You preach to the saved re that. Although it may look distasteful to others, it isn’t in any way affecting them, so they have no right to complain. Alas, they would simply shop elsewhere. Sigh….

          • Skijo

            Oh, come on. Are you for real. What makes people different and interesting, are creative and constructive talents and personality. Not self-hating extremes like this. This is so idiotic and so disrespectful to oneself as to be insane. If this woman is deeply religious, I’m the queen of england. She may be a deeply religious satanist, however. Probably is.

          • Juan Manuel

            I understand what you mean and agree with you. What I was implying by “WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF LIFELESS AUTOMATONS” was precisely the idiotic prejudice and hate that exists against people who decide to express their personality through body modifications. The fact the “BUSSINESS, PROFFESSIONAL, CORPORATE WORLD” tries SO HARD to make everyone look and feel FLAT AND DULL just like their bussiness tools do this days is sickening to say it nicelly.

  • Bajan

    Well I would think twice perhaps three times before she gives me head. Those teeth look pretty knarly

  • kreiyu

    i think i saw her on star trek 4. when bones was trying to find a ride to planet genesis.

  • kreiyu

    this is the same kind of sadness as people who have surgery to make them selves look like ken or barby.