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3 Rescued After Avalanche Destroys Montana Home

An avalanche ripped through a residential area in Missoula Montana on Friday, destroying a home. Rescue workers struggled through the debris and managed to safe 3 people who were trapped under snow and ice after the avalanche tore through their home. The people at home were a grandmother and grandfather who were watching their 8 year-old grandchild. Luckily no one was killed in the tragic incident.

3 Rescued After Avalanche Destroys Montana Home

3 rescued from Avalanche in MissoulaThe avalanche started near the top of Mount Jumbo in the Rattlesnake Valley part of Missoula, and came crashing down into the residential area near the base of the mountain. The incident occurred around 4pm Friday evening, when all 3 were home. After the rescue workers dug the three people from the snow, they all seemed to be alert and talking. They were taken to a nearby hospital to be examined for further injuries. No other word has been given on their conditions.

The avalanche has many other residents worried in similar parts of Montana, and emergency crews have suggested that some might want to relocate temporarily until conditions improve. There still has been no official evacuation warning given to others living in potential avalanche areas. To some this has been a wake-up call, yet others continue to ignore the signs that danger might be just moments away.

After the avalanche on Friday evening, the same area experienced a blizzard, adding more snow to nearby peaks. Mount Jumbo is still considered to be at risk of further avalanche, as well as the nearby Mount Sentinel. Conditions may continue to get worse as that area received more snowfall today, and winds between 20-30 miles per hour. Even though avalanches are not very common in these parts of Montana, the risk should probably no longer be ignored by residents in neighboring houses who continue to remain at home.

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3 Rescued After Avalanche Destroys Montana Home.

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