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California Reports Flu Killed 302 People This Year

The 2013-2014 Flu Season is still underway, and the state of California has announced that the flu has claimed at least 302 lives. The California Department of Public Health announced on Friday that there were 24 more cases of death related to the flu, which brought this past year’s total up to 302 for the state. During the peak of the Flu Season in January and February the state of California was receiving notice of about 50 flu-related deaths each week.

California Reports Flu Killed 302 People This Year

California Reports 302 Deaths Flu SeasonMost people who were killed by the flu were discovered to have underlying health conditions that made them especially susceptible to the flu virus. It was not stated what percentage of those who died had also received the flu vaccine. The number of deaths in California this year mean that the state received about a 900% increase in fatalities from the virus when compared to last year’s toll.

This staggering number of deaths should be a wake-up call to those who refuse to seek treatment for their flu symptoms. Sometimes the virus can start out milder and seem like something that can be managed with over-the-counter remedies, but then can take a sudden turn for the worst and kill you. Even some of those who sought professional medical help, or hospitalization still managed to die from flu complications. The flu can be particularly fatal to elderly people over the age of 65, and to infants. In the case of this year’s toll from the flu, there were a large number of adults who would not normally be classified as “at risk.”

The Flu Season tends to last during the Winter months throughout the entire country, and traditionally February is the worst month in the season. The beginning of the flu season sometimes starts as early as October, but it becomes most severe between December and March. The seasonality and timing of the Flu Season sometimes causes many to dismiss their symptoms as nothing more than a severe cold, but in actuality they may he harboring a highly contagious and potentially fatal virus.

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California Reports Flu Killed 302 People This Year.

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