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Dana Snay’s Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000

After Patrick Snay had sued the Gulliver Preparatory School for wrongful termination, and won, he was supposed to keep his settlement a secret. That was part of the deal when the school agreed to pay the former employee approximately $10,000 in back wages and an additional $80,000 out of court settlement. If Snay did not keep the deal a secret, he would lost the additional settlement. That should have been easy, except for one little problem. Patrick Snay had a daughter who attended and recently graduated from Gulliver Preparatory School, and she couldn’t “keep her mouth shut” about the settlement on Facebook.

Dana Snay’s Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000

dana snay 80000 facebook postPatrick Snay believed that he should tell his daughter, Dana Snay, about the settlement because she was a former student of the school at the time of her father’s wrongful termination. Patrick believed that his daughter suffered mental anguish due to the school attempting to lash out at her father through Dana. To help Dana have closure on the issue, Patrick told Dana about the out of court settlement, and had apparently agreed to pay for a European vacation for the girl.

In a typical teenage outburst, Dana Snay took to her Facebook account to brag about the settlement and tell her friends what she was going to get out of the money. Dana wrote the following message on her personal Facebook profile:

“Mama and Papa Snay won the case against Gulliver. Gulliver is now officially paying for my vacation to Europe this summer. SUCK IT.”

Sadly for the Snay’s, the school found out about Dana’s outburst and did not pay the out of court settlement. They claimed that because Dana posted the status update to Facebook in reference to the settlement, that he broke his agreement to keep it a secret. A settlement court agreed that the Facebook post was enough proof for the school to not have to pay the Snay’s their $80,000 additional settlement portion due to Patrick breaking the clause.

Featured image from Dana Snay’s Twitter account.

Dana Snay’s Facebook Post Cost Her Dad $80,000.

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  • holoh

    LOL. Stupid bitch and her family completely deserve what they got! SUCK IT!

  • jay sims

    What else is the school trying to hide?

  • Josh Weinstein

    From what I know of the situation, and no I do not know her personally, she seems to be quite the self-important little princess. If I am wrong about that, I apologize, but it warms my heart to see her get taken down a peg or two.

    • HavocNHell

      Taken down a peg or two???
      That girl was on top of ladder, slipped and hit every rung on the way down.

  • Anton Grimes

    HA HA

  • Dizzysit

    So not renewing one’s contract after it expires is wrongful termination?

  • wayneraltman

    Absolutely ridiculous that you have to give up your 1st Amendment protection in order to guarentee a settlement payment. I would NEVER agree to give up my freedom of speech for any amount of money. I would have taken them to court and taken my chances.. At least if I lost I would still have had the freedom to speak out against what this school did to me and my family. The father has himself to blame, and no one else..

    • moneywhereyourmouthis

      The 1st Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with this, and furthermore neither does the Constitution. This type of order is lawful and is commonplace and happens many times a day around the country. It’s funny you would consider yourself such a staunch supporter of US law, yet you can’t even comply with the lawful order of a judge. Keep your panties on no one’s trying to ‘infringe’ upon your right to say stupid things as evidenced by your post

      • wayneraltman

        The order while currently lawful should not be. The fact that this happens “everyday” has no bearing as there are many things that happen daily that should not happen at all. My point is that the gentleman should never have agreed to suppress his voice for such a paltry sum.. He agreed to do it, failed to do it, and has no one but himself to blame for the repercussions.. The First Amendment applies because the judge in this case is part of the government and it ordered him to be mum in order to recieve his rightful damages.. Criticle thinking is tough sometimes but can be helpful…
        I look at this in it’s proper light. He was harmed, and the government allowed him to be bought off..

        • HavocNHell

          First he bought the lawsuit down upon the school. Therefore Mr Snay initiated all legal proceedings from this point on. The School simply dismissed him on whatever reason they saw fit, the court saw fit to charged the school with discrimination and thus awarded Mr.Snay the 80,000 dollars. Now, I am sure you worked in a profession that has a code of conduct and signed papers stating you understand the code of conduct and business service agreement. You should have read the fine print about Verbal Disclosure of Company information not to be discussed outside the work place under the Employee/Employer Confidentially agreement? So, if at any time you worked for a company and signed such and agreement, you just contradicted yourself, because you received pay to do work and keep work private and not discuss it to anyone outside of the company.

          • wayneraltman

            Apples and oranges… The agreements you mention do not apply because there is no injury to either party.. Once the injury occurs those agreements should not and often do not stand either.

          • HavocNHell

            I guess you either do not work for a company that has an employee sign The Code of Conduct/ Terms of Employment agreement, or you do not know how to read, where did Injury come up?

          • wayneraltman

            LMAO… Havoc.. The Gulliver school broke the law by firing the man (thus injuring him) and he sued them and won… If they are not going to defend themselves and settle he wins by default..
            My argument is the judge in this (and any other) case should NOT have allowed the school to quiet the man or his family..

    • LAguy323

      Again, someone who doesn’t have a clue what the 1st Amendment guarantees. One’s Constitutional right to speak out about the government has nothing to do with a private confidentiality agreement. Learn the facts, get it right.

    • Chad Bonsack

      You are exactly right . the fact he was fired wrongfully The offender doesn’t get to set the boundaries on the settlement

    • HavocNHell

      Irony, Free Speech to be silenced for 80 grand. So in theory, your free speech is not being suppressed it is being bought. I could live that.

      • wayneraltman

        You might think 80 grand is enough, I do not. How about 70k? 20k? There is a principle here.. A law was broken, there was injury, and the offender “tapped” out… Gag orders in cases like this should never be allowed in my opinion. In effect you are allowing the offender to pay for silence in something that should be in the public interest..

        • HavocNHell

          What, Injury are you talking about?
          It was an Age Discrimination lawsuit.

          Do you even know what topic you are posting about and debating about injury, we are talking about Patrick Snays age discrimination lawsuit against his former employer and the subsequent running of mouth of his daughter?

          And you talking about personal injury? WTF!

          • wayneraltman

            Not shocking that you would not understand the word injury has many definitions.. It is not just physical injury.. He was employed, got fired for being too old (against the law) and that was the injury… He recieved damages for said injury in the settlement so the school also agreed he was injured by his termination.

          • HavocNHell

            Look, admit you did not read the article. No, age discrimination is not an injury, it is a malfeasance act against Mr.Snay. You came in with any injury and not trying to play it off as discrimination translates to injury. Now please. Stop while you are behind and call it a day.

          • wayneraltman

            Havoc I do want to apologise… After your last exchange I have come to the conclusion you have been given access to a computer or mobile device, but lack the intelligence to use it correctly. You lack the capacity, or depth of knowledge required to engage in these types of discussions, and through no fault of your own expose the entire human race to your deficency. The only possible remedy I can come up with for this oversight would be for you to turn over any devices that could possibly be used to communicate online.. Keeping your condition as localized as possible just seems to be the fair thing to do for all concerned.

        • HavocNHell

          Patrick Snay filed an Age Discrimination lawsuit against Gulliver Preparatory School when his contract was not renewed.
          So tell me Wayne, Where does injury come into play? Did you really read the article?

    • HavocNHell

      It is a CONFIDENTIALITY agreement. You agree not to talk about it to anyone. You get your money, no one else needs to know.

      You would not give up your free speech? Do you know a Gag Order is? It is when a Judge orders that no details of court hearing be revealed to anyone at anytime till which time the case is complete and then becomes public record.

      So, if you served on a Jury and were under a Gag order. I dare you to speak about that trial before it is over and see how free you will be when you are thrown in Jail for 10 days and fined 50,000 dollars.

  • vangpo

    Pretty sure Daddy isn’t paying for that European vacation now.

  • seamus mcdermott

    I wonder if he had reported it to the IRS, would he have been in violation of the agreement?

  • Ted Galasso


  • Ted Galasso


  • TheLoneDissenter

    Stupid bimbo. Nice job.

  • http://narcconoticias.blogspot.com/ Andresme

    What an idiot.