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Icy Minnesota Freeway to Blame for Death of 3 College Students

The freeways were icy in Minnesota Friday afternoon, making the driving conditions dangerous. Three college students and members of one of the nation’s top Ultimate Frisbee teams were tragically killed when a semitrailer crashed into their SUV after it spun into the wrong lane on an icy Minnesota highway per ABC News.

It is believed the players were on their way to the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport from where they were supposed to fly to a tournament in California.


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The accident happened at approximately 3.p. Friday on Highway 3 near Northfield, the Minnesota State Patrol said in an incident report.

The three deceased were all students at Carleton College based in Northfield. The State Patrol identified the victims as James P. Adams, 20, of St. Paul, Minn.; Paxtom M. Harvieux, 21, of Stillwater, Minn,; and Michael D. Goodgame, 20, of Westport, Conn.

Two others in the SUV including the driver, William Sparks, 20, of Evanston, Ill., and passenger Conor Eckert, 19, Seattle, Wa., were listed in serious condition, the State Patrol said. The driver of the semi was left unharmed.

Eric Sieger, media relations director for Carleton College, told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the three boys played on the school’s Ultimate Frisbee team, which finished in third last year.

He said officials can’t think of another time when three students at the quaint 2,000-student school died in a single day. A prayer vigil is in the works for Saturday the campus.

Carleton President Steven G. Poskanzer released a statement Friday saying “heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the families and friends” of the three students who were killed.

“The collective Carleton soul aches for the loss of these three young men. Right now, we need to focus all our love and compassion on supporting the families and friends of all these young men, along with everyone in our community who cares for them,” he said.

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  • Roberto

    ” Icy Minnesota Freeway to Blame”. Man, I know the feeling. Freeways have iced up countless times in my long lifetime, doing their best to kill me. Those darn freeways are always ready to ice-up and kill people and they deserve the entire blame. The idea of slowing down when the freeway gets covered in ice is for cowards. Why slow down and drive carefully? No need to fit snow-and-ice tires and also carry chains just because you live in Minnesota. Remember, whatever happens to you is NOT your fault. Blaming the driver wouldn’t be P.C. The blame goes to an evil highway, right?

  • Aloysious Farquart

    Damn those icy roads! Always singling out a few motorists to attack and cause to crash while allowing the vast majority to proceed unmolested.

    “The first thing we must recognize is that crashes are not accidents.”
    -Ricardo Martinez, M.D., NHTSA Administrator, 1997

    Condolences to family and friends.

  • Wendy Russell

    the freeways weren’t the only roads iced. the crash didn’t occur on a freeway but on a winding rural state 2-way highway just north of city limits where speeds are 50mph on good roads….very different from a multi-lane freeway without vehicles crossing, everyone going the same way and a 20′ median between oncoming cars. Just outside of town the speeds couldn’t have been that high, but if you take a direct hit to the side of a car from a semi, even at 30mph, you’re dead.