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Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014

Hollywood is full of classy celebrities that are stylish on and off the screen. But who are the most classy celebrities of them all? These actors and actresses bring us the blockbuster movies that everyone goes to see on the weekends. Lots of people look up to celebrities, especially younger people and imitate celebrities actions on and off the screen, so its important for celebrities to keep it classy and set good examples.

Most Classy Celebrities

Celebrities are looked a differently than the normal person, because their whole life is for the most part on display for the world to see. The things that people see celebrities doing in the movies and in everyday life, sort of sets the trend for the latest fashion, hobbies, the latest lingo or slang, whatever it may be most classy celebrities leave a huge impression on how our culture behaves.

It might not even be fair that celebrities are forced to shoulder this much responsibility, but then again they are getting millions and millions of dollar, driving fancy cars, and living fabulous lifestyles in enormous mansions, so nobody feels bad for them.

Most Classy Celebrities

Classy celebrities live by this quote. Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Celebrities don’t even really have to abide by the laws with the amount of money they’re making; celebrities can buy their way out of most any legal trouble they might get into. The media is there to police the celebrities more than the actual police are. One little slip up and the media is there chomping at the bit for that next juicy story. Its works both ways with the media though, celebrities that keep it classy are given praise and positive attention.

So what exactly makes a celebrity classy? Well thats sort of a difficult question, because there’s not really a true definition. The word classy means: someone or something that is high class, stylish, admirable, smart, and elegant. As for being a classy celebrity it means all of those things plus some. Classy celebrities are funny, smart, sweet, sophisticated, and someone that people can look up to.

Hollywood is full of celebrities some classy and others not so classy. Check out some of the classiest celebrities in Hollywood for 2014, some are already big stars and some are stars in the making, but these girls always keep it classy.

Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014.



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