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Ten Surreal Cosmetic Body Mods That Will Make You Tingle

Veggie Head – # 6 of 10

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If there ever was anything growing out of your head, it may as well be some healthy fresh vegetables right? Either way the idea of cauliflower, broccoli and other veggies as hair, is just a bit too much to wrap my mind around.

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  • Ashley Soulliere

    Just want to say none of these are body mods?

  • paulrw63

    The piranha mouth – if I, invited to a Halloween party, rang the doorbell and was greeted by the piranha mouth, I’d turn and run and get back home,& the h— with the party ! Let them miss me !
    As for the vegetable hair, well, it reminds me of some 17th century Old Masters

  • paulrw63

    As I WAS SAYING, Old Masters of people made out of vegetables, books, musical insttrments…

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