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Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014


Sofia Vergara #1

Sofia Vergara

This Columbian beauties career is on the rise. image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Sofia Vergara is a Spanish actress from Columbia that got her career started by co-hosting on the Spanish television network and she is one of the classiest celebrities in Hollywood. From there her career skyrocketed, she has starred in a number of movies like: Lords of Dogtown, Four Brothers, Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns, The Three Stooges, and Machete Kills. Sofia currently stars on the hit television show Modern Family, where she has the lead role and has been nominated for four Golden Globe Awards for her performances. For 2012 and 2013 Sofia was the top earning actress on U.S. television. Before her acting career took off Sofia studied dentistry at a university in Columbia. She has been named by People’s magazine, as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world and is often recognized as the most influential Latin woman in Hollywood.

Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014.

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  • Jon

    Kate HUDSON? I’m still laughing at that one.

  • Edwin

    As far as I know, Sofía Vergara was not born in Spain nor does she hold Spanish citizenship, so she cannot be a “Spanish” actress from COLOMBIA (notice it is spelled with an ‘o’ and not a ‘u’). However, she might be a Spanish-speaking actress from Colombia, as are 99.9% of all Colombians. I don’t understand why Americans insist on calling nationals from South American countries “Spanish” when they clearly are not. Spain is a separate and distinct country from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, etc. Writer, please learn your geography and get it right.

    • Aynee looking for Troels

      TOTALLY AGREE with you. North Americans keep calling USA “America”, misspell most of other countries’ names and mix other nationalities.

  • dario fumagalli

    Keira Knightley at first, then maybe Natalie Portman, all the rest is over

    • Aynee looking for Troels

      What about Angelina Jolie?

  • Roger_Morgan

    Obviously “classy” doesnt mean what is used to mean.
    And by the way, Sofia Vergara is Colombian, not Spanish. At least the celebs have more class than whoever put this garbage together,

  • naoma

    Only about 1/2 would I classify as “classy” — just my opinion of course.

  • saintleo

    not a single one like the beauties im my days like:
    Audrey Hepburn, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner, Cyd Charisse, Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Simmons, Grace Kelly to name a few. I am 80 still like beautiful ladies but apperently they don’t make anymore like in my day. Same with the men no more Gary Grant,Paul Newman, James Stewart and so on.

  • saintleo

    ok i admit NATALIE PORTMAN she really is TOPS.

  • wjshelton

    Uh, you misspelled Colombia twice in this short write-up. Three times, if you include the picture caption…

  • Ian Elliott

    Define ‘class’.

  • Guest

    She is from Colombia not Columbia. There is nob such nation with the name Columbia.

  • Brent

    There is no such nation as Columbia. It’s Colombia.

  • Allison Knowles

    (a) funny that they’re all women and (b) I would hardly call Sofia Vergara classy considering some of the evening gowns she gets glued onto herself. A plunging neckline and fabric stretched too tightly over a fat arse do not a classy woman make. Just ask Kim K.