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Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014

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Miranda Lambert #10

Miranda Lambert is the first person that comes to mind when we think of classy celebrities and has been since she hit the country music scene back in 2003. Some of Miranda’s music might lead some people to think that she’s not classy, but this blonde beauty always keeps her name out of mud, unless she’s driving her truck through the mud. Miranda has been married to Blake Shelton since 2011, country musics “it” couple first met while competing on the Nashville Star. This classy celebrity from Longview, TX has produced five hit country albums: Kerosene, For The Record, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Revolution, and her latest album Automatic. Her music is edgy and sometimes rebellious, but she always keeps it classy. Miranda is signed to Epic Records and this country music star knows how to stay classy.

Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014

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  • It’s Me

    Good list, but where is Kim Kardashian????


    • rockybaia

      yup she is in the Boobsy list

  • Jay Effkay

    Kerry Washington pretending to be classy on TV – doesnt actually equate to her being classy

    Nobody in Hollywood is classy.

  • Mary

    Hey guys and gals! Find YOUR own CLASSY DATE @ SUPERDATE.ME!

  • http://www.friv2ol.com/ Ngoc Anh

    I like all actors Hollywood