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Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014

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Jenna Dewan #5

Jenna Dewan

Jenna always keeps it classy no matter what role she is playing. Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Jenna Dewan is an actress slash dancer who got her start as backup dancer for Janet Jackson. This classy celebrity is originally from Hartford, Connecticut but now she makes her home in Hollywood with her husband Channing Tatum. Jenna has been acting and dancing since graduating from the University of Southern California back in 2002. Jenna’s not just a pretty face next her celebrity husband, she has played in number of movies like: Step Up, The Grudge 2, 10 Year, and Slightly Single in L.A. Now she has the lead role on the Lifetime television show Witches of the East End, before landing that gig she briefly starred on a couple of episodes of Melrose Place and American Horror Story: Asylum. Jenna and Channing have been married since 2009 and they have a little girl together and she is one of the classiest celebrities in Hollywood.

Top 10 Most Classy Celebrities In Hollywood 2014.

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