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Video of Oscar Pistorius At a Gun Range Firing Murder Weapon Surfaces

When your trial for shooting your girlfriend is about to start the last thing you want to surface is a video of you firing the gun–right Oscar Pistorius?

That is exactly what has happened though. With the trial slated to start on Monday, March 3, Sky News broadcast a video of the South African sprinter at a gun range shooting among other guns the murder weapon he used to shoot Reeve Steenkamp over a year ago. The report does not specify when the video was taken, but seeing him fire the weapon used in the murder can’t go over well in the court of public opinion.

It has been over a year since Pistorius shot his girlfriend in the early morning hours of February 14, 2013. According to his version of events, he woke to noises inside the house. Fearing that there may be intruders inside and worried that he and Reeva were vulnerable he grabbed his gun from underneath the bed.  Thinking that the intruder was in the bathroom he fired four shots through the door.

There was no intruder in the bathroom of course–just his girlfriend. He claims that it was a tragic accident, but authorities believe otherwise.

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