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Wastepaper Basketball

Wastepaper Basketball (Jimmy Fallon & LeBron James)

Video via: YouTube – user: The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon – Published on Feb 27, 2014 – Jimmy and LeBron James showcase their wastepaper basketball skills in this music video from the ’80s.

How do I Play? Watch and Learn!

 What do you do with your wastepaper? This is another original skit by Jimmy Fallon will show you a new game called ‘Wastepaper Basketball’. This is a perfect representation of every work place and school in America. Jimmy Fallon also brings to the court LeBron James to play a little one on one. Jimmy Fallon & LeBron James bring the house down with laughs and paper. 

Let us know if you are going to start playing this at your workplace or school.

 Is this a new trend?

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Wastepaper Basketball

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