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Top 10 Wealthiest People Under the Age of 40 in the World #10

Ayman Hariri – #1/10

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Ayman Hariri - photo from Youtube

Ayman Hariri – photo from Youtube

Ayman Hariri was born into his $1.35 billion wealth. This 34-year-old is the son of of the deceased Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. He is also one of the leaders involved in running Saudi Oger, one of the biggest construction companies in the Middle East. Before inhereiting his father’s fortune Ayman worked with Oger Telecom, a large telecommunications provider in Africa and the Middle East.

Forbes lists Ayman Hariri as the 618th richest person in the world, regardless of age. He and his siblings acquired portions of their father’s $4.1 billion wealth after he was assassinated, supposedly by Hezbollah militants. Ayman Hariri served as the Prime Minister of Lebanon from 2009 to 2011. He left office shortly after the collapse of his government in 2011. Fallout and speculation from the assassination of his father caused many people in the government to voluntarily resign from office.

In more recent years, Hariri was accused by the Syrian government for providing financial assistance to Syrian rebels during their civil war. Hariri’s wife is a Syrian national from a wealthy family. Ayman Hariri maintains his innocence in the matter, despite an arrest warrant being issued by Bashir Al-Assad of Syria.


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  • John Wilson

    This is b.s. What about the people who head up central banks in the world? You know the one’s who control the economies of the nations of the world? Would they be richer than this b.s. rich list ?

  • http://www.intermart.vn/ Lê Qu?c Khánh

    I don’t know him!

  • JKK1

    Ayman Hariri never was the PM of Lebanon. You’re mistaking him with his brother Saad… so well researched if the 1st pick is so off