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The generic morning after pill gets FDA OK

The generic morning after pill approved by FDA

The generic morning after pill has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  The generic morning after pill, known as Plan B One Step, has been approved for  over the counter sale with no age restrictions.  Unfortunately for Teva, the manufacturer of branded version, this now negates a prior decision to allow the company exclusive rights to market this type of non-prescription birth control.

When the Food and Drug Administration approved making Plan B available over the counter last summer, they gave Teva exclusivity and barred generic brands from making Plan B for three years because Teva had conducted significantly more research on the way in which the drug influenced teenage girls than the manufacturers of generic equivalents.

generic morning after pill


Still, due to the fact that the generic version would be sold at a significantly lower price than Plan B One Step, it was determined that the price difference could mean the difference between the medication being accessible to a woman who needs emergency birth control and the product being unaffordable.  It was decided that when it comes to teen pregnancy, cost could be an issue since the FDA believes teenagers do not always have access to money.  Furthermore, as NPR reported,  upon further consideration, the FDA decided the grounds for barring generic production were “too broad”.

The FDA did note one stipulation.  The generic morning after pill must be marketed with a label that notes the product is only intended for “women 17 years of age and older”.  Retailers will not, however, be required by law to ask for proof of age upon purchase.  Those who support easier access to birth control consider this “a step in the right direction”.

The generic morning after pill approved by FDA

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