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Mass Stabbing In Kunming Rail Station Leaves 33 Dead 130 Injured

While mass shootings are a hot topic in US media, the Chinese still have struggles of their own. Guns may be illegal and harder to obtain, but there are still malicious people willing to go out in public and attack innocent people. Some may think that guns kill people, but the real danger lies in the heart of man and not in the pull of a trigger. A couple men from a separatist party in China ran through a rail station in Kunming, Southwest China, and stabbed crowds of people. This type of ravaging outburst took massive amounts of energy on the part of the attackers, and many defenseless victims laid helplessly in their path. The motivation for this terrorist attack seem to stem from a militant separatist group based nearby.

Mass Stabbing In Kunming Rail Station Leaves 33 Dead 130 Injured

Kunming Railway StationPolice in China are claiming that this knife-wielding rampage was a planned attack, and not a random act of violence. This is also not the first time that massive amounts of casualties have been victim to mass-stabbings in China, as this type of violence is ever-increasing in frequency and severity. In the past there have even been mass-stabbings at primary schools full of young children, and attacks on other helpless victims in public.

The current death toll from the rail station attack is estimated to be 33 people dead, and as many as 130 additional survivors wounded from the attack. Many of the victims were standing in lines to buy tickets, or even waiting around for their trains to come by and pick them up on the platforms. The chaos and confusion from the attacks sent dozens of people running desperately for the station’s exits, unsure of what dangers remained for those who could not escape. In some instances people abandoned their loved ones in fear of their own lives, and were standing around after the attacks hoping to re-unite with their loved ones.

Police have closed down the rail station to conduct their investigation, but preliminary reports from the scene describe a graphic horror with pools of blood spilled all over the floors of the station. Security officials will be conducting their investigation to determine who is responsible for the attack, but situations like this will most likely continue to be commonplace across much of China.

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Mass Stabbing In Kunming Rail Station Leaves 33 Dead 130 Injured.

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