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Top 10 Famous Plastic Surgery Fails

Throughout history people have been obsessed with the idea of preserving their youth and in modern society many people turn to cosmetic surgery to accomplish this. However, many times these surgeries result in plastic surgery fails that range from hilarious to downright disturbing. Thanks to the internet, the majority of these plastic surgery fails are available for the world to see be it through some strange tumblr page or a celebrity gossip site.

Plastic surgery fails - photo courtesy of quickmeme

Plastic surgery fails – photo courtesy of quickmeme

The availability of these photos can be very entertaining for those who wish to see them, but can also be understandably unfortunate for those involved. The argument could be made that putting these on display is insensitive, though, it could also be argued on the contrary that anyone willing to get plastic surgery was hoping to be seen.

Plastic surgery most certainly has its place. These surgeries can help to give people with deformities a sense of normality. They can help to get people who have been in serious accidents looking back to normal. It is truly amazing when used properly. The problem is that many people become addicted to the surgery when they are pursuing youth and the looks of their yesteryear. This is where the problems come into play.

These surgeries are extensive, taxing and cost thousands of dollars. But in the constant pursuit of staying relevant, many celebrities get addicted to plastic surgery to try and keep current and help themselves get more work. The industry is notoriously in favor of youth, especially when it comes to women.

The flip side of that coin is that our cultures obsession with Hollywood and fame has prompted some to try and chase the ideal looks of movie stars, or even try to emulate them entirely. Be it for better or for worse, plastic surgery is more popular then ever and as a result, we have more fails then ever.

Here are some of the biggest plastic surgery fails of all time.



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  • sunshinegirl

    The two that have had plastic surgery that I feel they were much nicer looking before. Kenny Rogers, and Meg Ryan. They don’t even look like themselves. This kind of surgery has its place, but not for these type of reasons just to look younger.